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AIPLA leads and serves a diverse IP community by enhancing knowledge and shaping the future of IP law.


A global paradigm shift is currently underway affecting the role of IP, calling for AIPLA to assume a key role in promoting the adoption of strong and balanced IP laws worldwide. To this end AIPLA will cultivate a significant range of both new members and future leaders; will advance the organizations global policies and posture related to the advocacy of IP; and will be the educator of choice related to IP law and practice. Additionally, AIPLA will utilize significantly enhanced operating methods, including a more robust Internet presence, and a significant improvement of the means by which the organization captures, manages, and disseminates knowledge about IP. Through the provision of a world-class educational program, AIPLA will advance excellence in the practice of IP law and constructive adjustments in the IP system. In order to promote an objective balance between private ownership and public rights, AIPLA will reinforce its key role in advising and shaping global management and enforcement of IP rights and the education of industry, government and the public.


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