The current climate of Intellectual Property is one of rapidly changing technology, protocol and legislation, and AIPLA feels that it never hurts to have another perspective on all this upheaval. 

For that reason, AIPLA has established the Mentoring program for its membership, pairing up seasoned IP professionals with newer AIPLA members.  The purpose of the mentoring relationships is to advance the career of the mentees in the field, as well as prepare the mentees for leadership positions within AIPLA.

The Mentoring Committee was recently established to facilitate the formal mentoring of AIPLA members by pairing them in these voluntary mentoring relationships. To see more information on AIPLA's mentorship program, take a look at the Mentoring Guidlines below.  To become involved with our Mentoring Program, click here.  You can also gain valuable information by visiting the Mentoring Committee site.

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