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Online Education

AIPLA is constantly striving to provide more educational opportunities to our members. We are proud to offer three different methods for online education:

1. Upcoming Live Online Seminars

*New*Cancellation Policy:
To get full refund, registrant must request refund 5 days prior to live event.  If less than 5 days, registrant is transferred to product.

2. Pre-recorded Online Seminars: Our online seminars have been recorded and both audio CDs and Multimedia CD-Roms of the programs are available.
*CLE Info: Please note that CLE on recorded programming is limited. Each state is different and some states do not recognize “self-study” since it is not a live program. You will need to contact your state bar(s) for specific rules. *


  1. Supplemental Examinations to Consider, Reconsider or Correct Patent-Related Information: A Tangled Web Indeed. Originally Conducted December 1, 2010 **Ethics Credits Available**

  2. Patentability of Genetics: "discovery" or "business method" Professor Joshua D. Sarnoff, Hans Sauer. Originally Conducted November 17, 2010

  3. Potential Trademark Prosecution Pitfalls- How to Avoid Landing on the Alligator’s Head Rex Donnelly, Ehab Samuel. Originally Conducted October 6, 2010

  4. Keeping Your Eye on the Prize Drafting Patent Applications with Global Considerations  Dr. John D. Collins. Originally Conducted September 15, 2010

  5. Cloud Computing: Legal Challenges Including e-Discovery, Privacy, Compliance, and IP Protection Tanya Forsheit, Nolan M. Goldberg. Originally Conducted September 1, 2010
  6. Navigating the Bilski Shoals – Protecting Process Inventions after Bilski v. Kappos Denise Kettelberger, Kenneth Nigon. Originally Conducted August 18, 2010
  7. The Supreme Court's Reshaping of the IP Landscape in Recent Years Samson Helfgott. Originally Conducted August 4, 2010
  8. Standing at the Intersection of Design Patents, Trade Dress and Copyright Where Looks Really Do Matter Robert Browne,  Stephen Peterson. Originally Conducted July 21, 2010 
  9. Strategic IP Portfolio Management  Greg Allen,  H. Sanders Gwin, Jr. Originally Conducted  July 7, 2010
  10. The Supreme Court’s Decision in Bilski and Its Impact on IP Law  Q. Todd Dickinson, The Honorable Paul R. Michel, William K. West Jr., John M. Whealan. Originally Conducted July 1, 2010  **limited CLE**
  11. Ethics - Soliciting Clients and Attorney-Client Privilege in Patent Prosecution James Gottman, Rebecca Scarr. Originally Conducted June 16, 2010
  12. Anatomy of Design Patent Litigation Christopher V. Carani, Robert W. Payne. Originally conducted June 2, 2010
  13. USPTO’s First Action Interview Pilot Program: Procedures, Benefits, and Drawbacks  Commissioner Robert Stoll, Steven Schwarz. Originally conducted May 19, 2010 
  14. TTAB in 2010: Litigating Under Accelerated Case Resolution (ACR) and the Amended TTAB Rules. Judge Gerard Rogers, Linda McLeod. Originally conducted May 12
  15. Advising Clients on IP Issues Related to Viral Marketing and User-Generated Content. Ed Fallon, Jeffrey Greenbaum. Originally conducted April 7, 2010.
  16. Ex Parte and Inter Partes Reexamination: Strategies and Tactics. David Cushing, David Emry. Originally conducted March 3, 2010.
  17. Inequitable Conduct: Can an Intent to Deceive be Inferred from Your Prosecution Practices.  Karl Fink, Christopher Harnett, Theodore Mlynar. Originally conducted January 20, 2010.


  1. Ethical Issues with Email and Other Electronic Communications: David Hricik. Originally Conducted December 2, 2009

  2. Patent Prosecution Tips from a Litigator's Point of View: Thomas Irving, Robert Sloss. Orginally Conducted November 4, 2009

  3. Continuation and RCE Practice: Present and Future Tips: George Wheeler. Originally Conducted September 16, 2009

  4. Implications of In Re Bose Corporation Decision: Susan Hightower, Linda McLeod. Originally Conducted September 16, 2009

  5. Subject Matter Eligibility-The Changing Landscape: Michael Stein, Warren Woessner. Originally Conducted September 2, 2009

  6. Updates and Strategies for PCT Searching and Searching Authorities: Jay Erstling, Samson Helfgott. Originally Conducted August 5, 2009

  7. "Shall We Dance?": Confidentiality, Ethical Obligations and IP-Related Aspects of the Opening Stages of M&A Activity: Jerry Fellows, Andrew Lowes, Stanton D. Weinstein, Jeff Wolfson. Originally Conducted July 1, 2009

  8. Tips and Strategies for Using the Patent Prosecution Highway: Nick Godici, Esther Kepplinger. Originally Conducted June 3, 2009

  9. Initial Considerations in Seeking Trademark Protection: Michael Ballard, Richard Gilmore. Originally Conducted May 6, 2009

  10. Recoveries in IP Litigation - Hotspots and Trends in Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Damages: Michael Keyes, Robert Payne, and Marc Reiner. Originally conducted April 1, 2009

  11. Due Diligence & Indemnity Clauses: Alan Kasper and Charles Calkins. Originally conducted March 4, 2009

  12. Advising Clients on Procuring and Using Insurance to Address Intellectual Property Lawsuits: David Gauntlett and Kim Cauthorn. Originally conducted Feb 4, 2009

  13. Practicing before the USPTO in Today's Market: Harry Moatz. Originally conducted Jan. 14, 2009


  1. How to Protect Your Process Inventions After Bilski: Joe Cianfrani and Ken Nigon. Originally conducted December 12, 2008

  2. Liability and Conflicts in Litigation and Prosecution: David Hricik. Originally conducted December 3, 2008

  3. Patent, Trademark and Copyright: Hot Topics from 2008: Bill Barber, Bob Brauneis and Carl Moy. Originally conducted November 5, 2008

  4. Chemical Patent Practice – Potential Tensions of §112 and Restriction Requirements: Tom Dodd and Hal Woodrow. Originally conducted October 1, 2008

  5. Solo and Small Firm Practice - A Practical Guide to Starting, Building, and Maintaining Your Firm: Instructors: Bryan W. Bockhop and Jeff Wolff. Originally conducted September 3, 2008

  6. A Practical Response to KSR: Instructors: Denise Kettleberger and Jeff Ranck. Originally conducted August 6, 2008

  7. How to eFile a Copyright Application: Instructors: Jeff Cole and Carl Oppendahl. Originally conducted July 29, 2008

  8. Global Patent Asset Management: Instructors: Laura Donnelly, Mark Guetlich, and Frank Molinaro. Originally conducted July 9, 2008

  9. Initial "Inventor" Interview: Practical Legal And Business Considerations: Instructors: Greg Allen and Sanders Gwin. Originally conducted June 11, 2008

  10. Technology Transfer Licensing and the Potential Impact of Quanta v. LG : Instructors: Laurence Schroepfer and Shival Virmani. Originally conducted May 1, 2008

  11. PCT Strategies : Instructors: Sam Helfgott and Korbinian Kopf. Originally conducted April 9, 2008

  12. Practice Under the New TTAB Rules : Instructors: Gary Krugman and Judge Gerard Rogers. Originally conducted March 12, 2008


  1. Ethics in Patents and Trademarks: The Duty of Good Faith : Instructor: Tamsen Valoir. Originally conducted December 12, 2007

  2. Patent Trademark & Copyright – Hot Topics from 2007 : Instructors: Steve Meleen, Bob Clarida, Tim Holbrook Originally conducted November 7, 2007

  3. Prosecution Strategies on Appeal – Appeal Briefs and Oral Hearings : Instructors: Harry Shubin, Bruce Stoner. Originally conducted October 10, 2007

  4. Global Infringement Liability after the Supreme Court Decision in Microsoft v. AT&T: Instructors: Andrew Culbert and David Bailey. Originally conducted September 12, 2007

  5. New USPTO Rules Package on Claim Examination and Continuation Applications: Instructors: Susan Pan and Charles Van Horn. Originally conducted September 10, 2007

  6. The new GNU General Public License - A Direct Attack on Software Patents and Patent Licensing?: Instructors: Jim Thatcher and Richard Wilder. Originally conducted Aug. 10, 2007

  7. Alignment of IP Strategies: Instructors: Joseph Bach and Annie Culotta. Originally conducted July 13, 2007

  8. A Practical Approach to Patent Searching: Strategies and Techniques for New Patent Practitioners : Instructors: Greg Allen, Fern Birtwistle and Jay Johnson. Originally conducted June, 6, 2007
  9. Examiner Interviews: Instructors: Rocky Lieberman and Brian Stanton. Originally conducted May, 18, 2007

  10. Antitrust: Current Trends in Product Tying and Standard Setting Boards: Instructors: Paul Friedman and Paul Saint-Antoine. Originally conducted April 13, 2007

  11. Tradmark Dilution: New Angles After the Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 and Why You Should Care: Instructors: Bill Barber, Joe Nabor. Originally conducted March 9, 2007.

  12. Patent Law Primer - Patent Eligible Subject Matter and Parameter Claiming Issues: Instructors: Kenneth Nigon, John Schnieder. Originally conducted February 9, 2007.

  13. Patent, Trademark and Copyright: Hot Topics from 2006. Instructors: Brian Darville, Ken Kaufman and David Dzwonczyk. Originally conducted January 12, 2007.


  1. Navigating Conflicts of Interest in Patent Presecution. Instructor: David Hricik of Mercer University School of Law. Originally conducted December 8, 2006

  2. Ethical Issues for Patent Agents and Their Employers. Instructor: David Hricik of Mercer University School of Law. Originally conducted November 10, 2006.

  3. A Patent Practitioner's Guide to eBay and its Aftermath. Instructors: David W. Long and Denise W. DeFranco. Originally conducted September 22, 2006.

  4. Inside & Outside IP Insights on Transactional Due Diligence. Instructors: Mark J. Thronson and Timothy Tracy. Originally conducted July 21, 2006.

  5. IP Asset Management. Instructors: Laura Donnelly and Philip Davison. Originally conducted June 23, 2006.

  6. A Practical Approach to Inventorship Determination: Strategies for New Patent Practitioners. Instructors: Gregory D. Allen and H. Sanders Gwin, Jr. Originally conducted June 9, 2006.

  7. Taking Action Against Counterfeiters: Building an Effective Programs. Instructors: Jeffrey H. Kaufman and Mark Traphagen. Originally conducted April 28, 2006.

  8. What You Need to Know about EFS-Web. Instructors: Carl Oppedahl, Kelly Hyndman and William. Originally conducted March 24, 2006.

  9. Conflicts in Trademark Law Among Circuit Courts and the TTAB: Substantive Considerations in Forum Selection. Instructors: Prof. Joseph Liu of Boston College and Michael Boudett. Originally conducted March 17, 2006.


  1. Subject Matter Conflicts in Patent Practice: Identifying and Managing Risk. Instructor: John Steele. Originally conducted December 9, 2005.

  2. Advanced Patent Prosecution: Selected Gems from the Roadshow. Instructors: William B. Heming, David W. Hill, Edward J. Brooks, Michelle Galloway, and Andrew Dillon. Originally conducted August 19, 2005

  3. Patent Opinions of Counsel: Practical Decision Points in an Evolving Environment which includes Knorr-Bremse. Instructors: Stuart Ford, Mark Abate, Ronald Clayton and WIlliam LaFuze. Originally conducted July 29, 2005.

  4. The New Trademark Regulations: Understanding TEAS Plus -- Instructor: Carl Oppedahl. Originally conducted July 27, 2005


  1. Ethics and Risks in IP Practice: Recent Developments. Instructor: Professor David Hricik. Originally conducted December 17, 2004

    Click here, and then on "Recordings" located on the left side of the page, for ordering information.

3. Multi-Media Recorded Seminars through Cognistar

We recognize that not all members can travel to our meetings, or have the time to take from their busy day to attend a live conference or seminar. AIPLA Online Continuing Legal Education is the most convenient way to keep up-to-date with legal education and stay current on Intellectual Property Law.

In addition to providing online versions of our live presentations, and now live, online programming, AIPLA continues to research other technological methods to provide broader reaching educational programming. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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